Patient-centered Medical Home


At Clinical Pharmacy Services, we believe there is an integral role for a pharmacist in every patient-centered medical home model. While physician groups all operate differently, we have identified numerous ways for pharmacists to supplement patients' interactions with their physicians. As part of a patient-centered medical home, our pharmacists provide services that are often overlooked if there is not adequate staff to monitor patients:

  • Discharge counseling: We teach patients how to use their medications before they even leave the hospital.
  • Medication reconciliation: As part of our medication therapy management services, we follow up with patients to make sure they receive their medication, take it properly, and overcome any insurance-related issues.
  • Long-term follow-up: Often using motivational interviewing, pharmacists check in with patients to determine whether they're taking their medications. Our team also helps patients get back on track if they have stopped therapy or need further instruction on how to take it.