Dixie Vital Care is the perfect choice to provide home infusion services to the patients of Hardin County and surrounding areas. Vital Care is a network of over seventy-five providers in rural and urban settings. Dixie Vital Care will be able to provide prompt and efficient, state-of-the-art home infusion services to those medically stable patients who are candidates for home treatment.

Dixie Vital Care will provide training to the hospitals, home health agencies and other referral sources to facilitate the flow of appropriate and necessary information. This training will simplify the patient placement process and speed the transfer of patients from the hospital to the home. In many instances this will eliminate the need for hospitalization by providing appropriate treatment in the home.

These ongoing training programs for Dixie Vital Care professionals, pharmacists and nurses, help to ensure that patients receive state-of-the-art care and compliance with the latest techniques and regimens of treatment. Patients' therapies can be evaluated as to desired therapeutic outcome with consideration for additional support services that may be utilized to enhance the effectiveness of the prescribed therapies.

With one telephone call to Dixie Vital Care, patients can receive comprehensive range of high-quality state-of-the-art parenteral and enteral therapies. The utilization of Dixie Vital Care professional staff serves to simplify the transition process for patients from the hospital to the home. This simple process results in efficiencies in the provision of services and the enhancement of the quality of care.